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 Pokerabies infection tracking

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Pokerabies infection tracking Empty
PostSubject: Pokerabies infection tracking   Pokerabies infection tracking EmptySun May 16, 2010 1:09 am

Pokerabies infection tracking Pokeaidesmap
Red: confirmed infection
Orange: on watch/ suspected to spread to next
yellow: unconfirmed spreading to water pokemon.

Ground zero for the infection, as far as the authorities know, is between route 16 and viridian forest. Celedon, Viridian, Pallet and Fuchsia are on the watch for any signs of infection. Viridian and fuchsia seem to be the two cities taken the threat the most seriously due to its well known populations of local and area specific Pokemon. Pallet town lacks the budget to mount anything more than the government supplied scanning equipment and Celedon seems to be taking a "Don't panic the problem wont reach here" approach in order to keep the populace calm.

The map only represent confirmed active infections. The range and depth of dormant infection has yet to be established in wild specimens. Further scanning should help gather more data.

sorry, squinting required.
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Pokerabies infection tracking
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