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Intelligent Fools is an alternate universe, based off the Pokemon games and with a focus in realism. Pokemon have the estimated intelligence of dolphins, parrots, maybe even Lassie, but are still animals. Though some are highly intelligent, they are still incapable of self-aware thought or communication. The Legendaries are more supernatural than biological. They are one of a kind, and are capable of telekinesis and large amounts of “Pokemagic.” Technology is advanced (ie Instant Heal Pokemon Centers), but people have learned to live in harmony with their environment (hence the towns and cities being small and far apart) The rest of the world should be strongly based in reality.

Not long ago, the government of Kanto identified a dangerous new infectious disease among Pokemon, and are attempting to quarantine it. This disease has the working name of Pokerabies, and scientists are too frazzled by trying to find a cure to come up with a better name. Like rabies, it can be transmitted through saliva and bites, as well as blood contact, and some theorize that skin contact alone may be enough to transmit the virus. The disease lays dormant for a period between two weeks and two months before any symptoms appear, which has allowed this disease to spread unnoticed. When symptoms do begin to appear, Pokemon become aggressive, combative, and more acutely sensitive. They seem to increase in strength during this period as well. Within a week, this increases strength fails and they become lethargic, weak in one or more limbs, and unable to lift their heads or make any sounds. Death usually occurs from respiratory failure.

The Kanto/Jhoto border has been shut down, and new scanning equipment has been set up in most every town. Although there is no cure or vaccine, these new scanners are an effective and supposedly perfectly accurate way to detect the disease, even when it is dormant. Everyone entering a town must have all their Pokemon checked. All infected domestic Pokemon will be confiscated, quarantined and euthanized immediately. For the first time in many many years, the government is considering lifting the ban on firearms to help combat and contain the infected Pokemon without endangering the domestics. This piece of legislation has not passed and is meeting staunch resistance, as many think the situation has not reached such a critical level. The disease is transmittable to humans, but seems to be nonlethal. The disease still attacks the nervous system, causing dementia in some, as well as respiratory problems, but the human body seems to be able to fight it off after a week or so.

The virus has not escaped the notice of the Legendaries. They are a bit disorganized, but the common consensus is that this is not a problem that “Pokemagic” can solve. Many of the Legendaries have conflicting views on how the epidemic should be handled, but none of them can step in directly to deal with it. Some wish to find a cure, while others demand that the infected must be hunted down and eradicated to preserve the rest. Each Legendary has (or will) choose a human to bond with, to be their link into the situation. These chosen ambassadors must now race to the finish and find a solution, one way or another.
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Plot Summary
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