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 Character Guidelines

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PostSubject: Character Guidelines   Character Guidelines EmptyThu Apr 22, 2010 4:08 pm

Here are the guidelines for characters that we would like to see:

Most of the characters should be linked to one of the legendary Pokemon. For now, we're planning on that meaning the 3 birds, the 2 birds, and the 3 beasts. These characters will be bonded/linked to the legendary in some way (might be slightly different depending on the personality of the Pokemon). The legendaries are the only Pokemon that can talk, or communicate with speech.

As a note, for Legendaries, we are looking primarily at the 3 birds, the 2 birds, and the 3 beasts. Mew is a maybe, Mewtoo slightly less so. (Mostly because I personally have a bias against Mewtoo.) If you have another legendary you would like to try out, feel free to give me or any of the mods a PM, and we'll talk it over.

Please pick at least two of the below descriptors for inspiration or that apply to your character. Remember your character should be some one that would be useful to the legendary, not just some kid who got his Bulbasaur last week. We're looking for believable characters that would be helpful to problem solving the Pokerabbies epidemic.

The descriptors can be interpreted in two ways: literally or as inspiration for a personality. Literally: If your character was trainer in the game what would thier sprite be? Which class most closly conforms to their battle tactics or lifestyle? As inspiration for a personality you could look at the juggler- a class known for constantly changing pokemon mid battle, this implies that a juggler character is indescicive and inconsistent. Perhaps he is the type of person who starts lots of things but never finishes them. Each class has a rather literal blip about them.


The aide of a professor, usually studying under them and often a gopher or intern of some kind.

Aroma Lady
An older down to earth lady. Flower girl would be a younger version. They are kinda hippies.

Battle Girl
An Athletic tomboy. she's young and fierce and takes no prisoners. May also be a black belt.

A young working girl who has more priorities in real life than in Pokemon. She is often times vain or proud and caught up with socializing and boys.

A Member of a motorcycle gang, often a delinquent.

Bird Keeper
Interested in the raising and breeding of bird Pokemon.

A martial artist of any kind. They need not be a literal black belt.

More broadly a non-rocket criminal. Examples include con-man, thief, or thug.

Some one interested in either collecting all the pokemon, a certian type pokemon, rare pokeomon or has a lot of pokemon. Can also be interpreted as a trainer with OCD tendancies.

Conspiracy Theorist
This person is usually quite paranoid, and even if they're not, they certainly have some strange ideas about who pulls what strings in the world.

A young trainer who thinks they are hot shit. They are doing the Gym circuit and are filled with illusions of grandeur.

Cue Ball
Similiar to a biker, these guys are ruffians and stereotyped as thugs and gang members. They are usually hulking guys you don't want to mess with, but not always the brightest. The name comes from their shaved head.

This could be a doctor who treats humans, a vet who treats injured Pokemon (perhaps in an emergency situation where they can't make it to a pokemon center), or any character who has a good amount of medical training.

These guys are everything from your average handy man to the mechanic, to the plumber, to the nuclear engineer.

This person probably never keeps their Pokemon in Pokeballs, preferring to let them roam free. They're the type to chain themselves to trees and throw pokemon blood on those who battle them.

We're interpeting this one more as the PI version. This is a private investigator, perhaps an ex cop who is known for not playing by the rules and taking big risks.

An older and proper man. Also can be interpeted as a prosperous buessinessman of any age or some one who is old fashioned and chivalrous.

A journlist, reporter or photojournalist. They may bea tv anchor or freelancer. May intersect with the Gambler.

Jr. Trainer
This is probaqbly the cool trainer's little brother. At any rate this is a young trainer, probably with their first Pokemon. Like the cool trainer they are most likely filled with high hopes. This can be anything from that annoying little brother to an idiot savant child trainer.

A performer of some sort. Also an inconsistant character that puts on much bravado to cover it up.

Lady or Rich Boy
A rich person who thinks they can win by aquiring pokemon with money. A classic "can't buy love" analogy could go here.

Much like the beauty, but less popular and more nerdy. She is more serious about poekmon but more concerned with cute ones. She prefers pokemon culture and contests to gym badges.

A gym leader is the head trainer at the local gym, they make up an important part of the gym circuit.

These guys are creepy and a little obesive about their Pokefacts. They are walking encyclopedias.

Pokémon Trainer
They use Pokemon and enjoy raising them. They may be doing the gym circuit or they may be a member of a gym. Breeders are also included here.

Have or believe they have psychic powers.

The Rangers are a small group of Pokemon handlers who protect the natural environments, each only having one Pokemon, and living outside the cities and towns.

Work or have worked for team rocket

Some one who has gone to college for a long time in order to study nature in an orderly and logical manner._. no seriusly they're just scientists.

Super Nerd
These are the basement dwellers. They can also be interpreted as a hacker or computer expert.

Musically enclined, possibly in a band. Could also be described as "Too cool for school hipster." Perhaps even too cool for pokemon.

A police officer, police trainee or ex police officer

An artist of some sort, or even a photographer

A Pokemon Professor, they are very rare, and are often the authority on pokemon in their region. Often are ex-trainers.

A wanderer, often a loner, though that is not necessary. Well-traveled, has probably been all over at least one continent, if not more.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Guidelines   Character Guidelines EmptyThu May 27, 2010 1:23 pm

Ledgendaries available:


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Character Guidelines
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