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 The RP Rules

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The RP Rules Empty
PostSubject: The RP Rules   The RP Rules EmptyWed Apr 21, 2010 2:47 pm

These are the rules for the RP, which should be followed in any of the In Character sections.

RP rules:
1. Tone is important, keep it realistic. This is not a video game or an anime. Imagine your characters as real people. Hiding some nerd jokes to laugh at ooc is fine but let's keep the tone consistent.
2. Pokemon cannot talk. End of story. Unless they are legendaries but that's a league of their own. Pokemon are hyper intelligent animals. Just below Lassie on the scale of things.
3. God moding. Do I have to say it? Seriously. Don't do it. I will kill you. Kay, thanks, bye.
4. Literacy. Check your character sheet. Did you take proficiency in English? If not there might be a problem. Know when a long post is appropriate and when a short post is too. Long posts that repeat themselves will make me scream. Short posts that give nothing to work with will make us cry.
5. Be respectful and friendly. RPs are no fun if you're not friends with your peers.
6. No passive aggressiveness. If you have an issue either bring it up OOC or PM a mod.
7. Collaborate with the plot, don't derail it.
8. Bring up an idea for a new character or npc in the ooc before springing them on us.
9. Don't teleport your pokemon around. Keep track of who is out, where they are and what they are doing. Do not attention whore with your pokemon either.
10. No generic characters or sues. You will not be accepted.
11. We have the power to ask you to edit anything you post and the power to kick you out.
12. No whining. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.
13. Have Fun.
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The RP Rules
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